Welcome to the tour of Conscious Collaboration!


The management hierarchy which so many of us are used to, has taught us to take for granted how many things work in organisations: such as how decisions are made, how conflict is addressed, how meetings are run, how purpose is decided, how organisational learning happens to name but a few... 

When self-organising beyond hierarchy people need to collaborate to figure these things out ourselves in ways which are different than we are used to and which we may not have the experience/skills/protocols to do it. 

This resource is a collection of materials to help groups/teams/organisations to this. The material is organised into 6 areas of group/team/organisational life which all need to be attended to in order to create the conditions for collaboration. The resources are designed to surface assumptions and unconscious habits, so that they can be spoken about and consciously worked with; thus creating the conditions for collaboration to become more intentional, conscious and healthy. 


An interactive prezi which has many different:
    • tools
    • worksheets
    • activities
    • quotes
    • references
    • and other resources embedded into it.
You can move around the canvas and zoom in and out to navigate your way around this complex territory. 
These resources are offered through trusting the gift economy and are not created or sponsored by a big company or wealthy individual; it’s how I sustain myself and my family. If you have received value, you can reciprocate here to balance the exchange and fund future resources. Even a small payment of £25-50  (€/$30-60) makes a difference. Thank you.

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