If you:
  • are taking the Introduction to Conscious Collaboration and Self-Organisation Course and want to ask questions about it or explore how your learning from the course can be applied to your situation
  • are new to self-management and have some general questions about it and how it could work for you
  • are already practicing a form of self-management and have some challenges, confusions, questions
  • want to hear about others' questions and challenges

Then sign up for one of these Coaching offerings where you can ask your questions, bring your challenges and learn from others. 

The Monthly Online Group Coaching calls will be: 

  • for up to an hour normally on the second Tuesday of each month at 08:00 US PT/16:00 UK/17:00 CET
  • online using Zoom so you'll need a webcam and headphones or you can dial in on your phone
  • recorded and available to watch afterwards
  • available at other times to fit other time-zones on request

Subscription to Monthly Online Group Coaching

Bespoke 1-1 Coaching

Book a free initial session for up to 30 mins to explore whether you'd like individual coaching to help you understand and apply principles practices of Conscious Collaboration & Self-Organisation. 

Book Free Exploration Session