Welcome to the Self-Organisation Primer!


This primer provides an introduction to self-organisation/self-management. 

It introduces the idea that the conventional command & control management hierarchy is no longer fit for purpose in many organisations; and that two different patterns of organising are emerging; a flatter more collaborative approach and a distributed more agile approach. Then we take a more detailed look at how this looks in the culture of conventional hierarchies, more collaborative and more agile approaches. 

We then take an interactive tour of self-management which introduces some more key concepts and then whether to adopt a system or create your own approach with some examples of real practice and suggestions of how to go about doing it. The last part introduces a model which can support people to work together more effectively in these ways- called Conscious Collaboration and provides a diagnostic tool to help you identify where your organisation currently is in relation to these 3 patterns of organisation and where you want to be going. 


Part 1: 3 min video on introduction to Self-Organisation Beyond Hierarchy
Part 2: 12 min video on Creating Culture in a hierarchy, with a more collaborative approach and how it looks when it’s done in a more agile way
Part 3: 45 min interactive introductory tour to self-management
Part 4: Introduction to Conscious Collaboration workbook & diagnostic

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